Mini Room Walk-ins

Mini Rooms provide +/- 3.0˚C Uniformity and +/- 2.0˚C Variation (excludes defrost period on freezers).

*Temperature Uniformity is defined as: The temperature change of each of twelve type T-24 Ga. thermocouples is the temperature change of each of twelve type T-24 Ga. thermocouples located on a horizontal plane 40" from the floor, 12" from the walls, as measured over a 24-hour period. 

*Temperature Variation is defined as: The temperature variation of the single product sensing element measured over a 24-hour period. 

Uniformity and Variation information is based on ambient conditions of 23˚C and 50% RH and they will vary more; if the ambient conditions change, on freezers during defrosts periods, and if the product or other changes cause interference to the airflow.




Models available to ship within 10 business days!


Multiple Applications:

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Drug Stability and Shelf Life Testing
  • Plasma and Blood Storage
  • Clinical Research
  • Environment Simulation Testing
  • Working Laboratories
  • Biological Research
  • Electronic Stress Testing

The Mini Room Walk-in offers you...


  • Installation that is fast and easy
  • A full 4” panel foamed-in-place with CFC and HCFC free HFC-245fa polyurethane insulation
  • Deadbolt locking handle for security
  • Nor-Lake Scientific’s exclusive Capsule Pak™ refrigeration system that features a flush coil.  100% usable interior space
  • Automatic condensate vaporizer.  No plumbing required on indoor units
  • Expanded Mini-Room Cold Rooms
    6’ x 14’

    8’ x 12’
    8’ x 14’
    8’ x 20’ combination
  • Similar floor space as 3 door laboratory reach-in with 20%-30% more capacity

Mini Room Controlled Temperature Freezer

Mini Room Controlled Temperature Cold Room